Internet monitoring softwareAre you a parent who is wondering what your child is doing online with your home computer?  If so you are not alone.  Many parents today are wondering the same thing.

In this day and age children are online more than any generation before them.  They are also exposed to many new problems like Cyberbullying and watching violent YouTube Videos.  As a parent how can you know what your kids are doing online all day long.

How Internet Monitoring Software Helps

Internet monitoring software is software that lets parents like yourself see what your kids are doing online.  You can see what websites they went to.  Who they talk with and what videos they are watching.  You can also see the kinds of video games they are playing and how they are playing them.

There are many kinds of these programs on the market today but the one I recommend is called PC Tattletale internet monitoring software for parents.  Out of all the programs I have looked at PC Tattletale is the easiest to install.

Here is a short YouTube video that shows you how PC Tattletale Internet monitoring software is installed on your home computer.  You can watch it here:

As you can see PC Tattletale is easy to get up and running.  You do not need to know a lot about computers.  After it is installed you can watch them from pretty much wherever you are at.

Let’s say your kids are at home and you are at work.  No problem.  You can just open up PC Tattletale and see what they have been doing while you are at work.  Or maybe you are on a business trip and far away from home.  You can use your iPhone to look at what they have been doing over the last week because you have put PC Tattletale on their computer.

PC Tattletale is completely invisible.  Your kids will have no idea you are able to see their every click.  If you want to try it free just head on over to PC Tattletale and try their free 7 day trial.  You will be glad you did.